Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The greatest Kurdish artist alive... lived in Sweden!

Sivan Perwer giving a concert in Sweden.

Şivan Perwer (pron: Shivân Parwar) is a Kurdish poet, writer, musical teacher, singer, and performer on the tembûr (lute).

Sivan lived with his family (son Serxwebun and former wife Gulîstan) in a immigrant suburb called Stenhagen in Uppsala.

He is a leading Kurdish artist and is considered by many Kurds as the greatest Kurdish musician of all time. He captivates audiences not only by his charismatic and controversial personality, but above all his powerful, highly emotional voice and the hypnotic rhythm of his music. Şivan currently lives in exile after fleeing Turkey in 1976 because of his music. He holds several honorary doctorates in music.